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Coastal Social Media Group (CSMG) helps companies of all sizes successfully use the social network as part of an integrated marketing plan.  While keeping a fine-tuned focus on providing the best social media, mobile, and brand strategy for your business, we also plug into a powerful partner network to deliver turnkey programs that include  web design, public relations, video production, and more.

Stephanie Neil

Stephanie Neil started her career as a journalist writing business, technology, and human interest stories for Ziff-Davis, Thomas Publishing, The New York Times Co., and others.  As social media became an important part of her  writing, she shifted her focus towards strategic content development for business, leading to the launch of Coastal Social Media Group, a division of SolScista Media, LLC, which Neil co-founded with Tracy Coyne. At CSMG, Neil is the "chief storyteller," leveraging her journalism background to create engaging content for clients that can be packaged across a variety of social media and mobile platforms.

Tracy Coyne

Tracy Coyne is a marketing professional who has led business development at some of the largest credit card processing firms in the U.S.  She specializes in creating strategic marketing campaigns that result in ROI.  Tracy co-founded SolScista Media, LLC to serve as the umbrella company under which a variety of new products could be launched. Her first endeavor was, a digital magazine for women entrepreneurs. She now oversees management of CSMG and consults on marketing and mobile campaigns to ensure every client gets the value-added service they deserve.

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